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Wellesley College Athletics - LeadBLUE

Wellesley College Athletics - LeadBLUE

LeadBLUE cultivates the growth of leaders within athletics, in the classroom, and beyond. In alignment with the mission of the college, this program prepares student-athletes for effective, practical leadership, instills the values of discipline, critical thinking, and responsibility in their pursuit of excellence. Student-athletes will come away from the program with the tools to lead confidently and affect positive change now and in the future.

Core Competencies

  • Understanding Yourself
  • Influencing Team Culture
  • Communicating Effectively
  • "Real World" Application

Program Summary

The program introduces basic leadership concepts and progresses to practical application of leadership skills. We hope that these leadership concepts and skills will be useful for student-athletes beyond athletic competition, both during their four years on campus and after graduation. Service is an integral part of leadership, and all athletes are encouraged to take part in biannual service opportunities. Finally, team captains/leaders meet regularly with members of our administrative and coaching staff to discuss current leadership topics.  

LeadBLUE Speaker Series & Events

LeadBLUE Speaker Series Events are open to the Wellesley College campus community. RSVPs will be sent to student-athletes 2-3 weeks prior to each event. The LeadBLUE Speaker series supplements the program curriculum and is open to the entire Wellesley College campus community, please check for information on future speaker events. Past guests have included:

Questions? Contact Katie Galiardi, Senior Associate Director of Athletics