Wellesley College Athletics - Varsity & Club Sport Participation of Transgender Student-Athletes Guidelines

The Reaffirmation of Mission and Gender Policy (announced by the Board of Trustees in March 2015) states that Wellesley College will continue to educate, support, and inspire new generations of women. Every aspect of Wellesley’s educational program is, and will continue to be designed and implemented to serve women. In carrying out its mission Wellesley will use language reflective of its identity as a women’s college. Wellesley College also respects and values all members of the college community. As such, the College is committed to creating an inclusive environment for all student-athletes.

The following guidelines are designed to provide the College’s general approach to accommodating our student-athletes in different situations. Students are encouraged to contact the Athletic Director, an Associate Athletic Director, and/or the Director of Recreation if they are considering taking part in one of the College’s programs and have any questions or concerns regarding this policy. The College will consider each student’s individual situation on a case-by-case basis, depending on the activity and available options.

Varsity Sports

Wellesley will sponsor women’s varsity teams and will generally follow NCAA guidance [1] with regard to the participation of transgender and transitioning students, including the following:

  • A student-athlete who is not taking medically prescribed testosterone related to gender transition may participate on a women’s team.
  • A student-athlete being treated with testosterone suppression medication related to gender transition may compete on a women’s team after completing one calendar year of medically documented testosterone suppression.

Club Sports

Wellesley will also sponsor women’s club sports and will generally follow the policies of the national governing body of the sport in question with regard to the participation of transgender and transitioning students. [2]

Wellesley College will consider supporting club sport co-ed/mixed teams where allowing a male participant does not affect the team’s standing (e.g., equestrian and sailing) nor makes the team ineligible for national, regional, or conference play.

Students may also have the opportunity to participate in a club sport at Babson and Olin Colleges. Participation on a Babson or Olin team will be examined on a case-by-case basis between Wellesley’s Director of Recreation and the official responsible for club sports at Babson and Olin. Students may be charged a student activities fee to participate; in such cases, the fee will be applied equally to all participants.


Locker Rooms and Bathrooms

Every Wellesley student has access to male and female locker rooms. The locker rooms have private showers and toilets for use by any student who desires them. 

Travel & Uniforms

Athletics and Recreation staff work to appropriately accommodate all student-athletes with regard to uniform needs, changing spaces, and hotel room assignments without compromising the student-athlete’s privacy and confidentiality.


As referenced above, student-athletes who have questions related to this policy can consult the Athletic Director, an Associate Athletic Director, or the Director of Recreation to discuss their question and review any specific needs to ensure appropriate support for the student-athlete.

Wellesley College Resources

[1] The relevant guidance can be found in the NCAA Handbook, pp. 13-14.

[2] For example, the policies adopted by the national governing bodies for ice hockey, Ultimate Frisbee, water polo, skiing, and snowboarding are consistent with the NCAA guidance. The policies adopted by the national governing bodies for rugby and archery follow International Olympic Committee (IOC) guidelines