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Blue Fencing Earns Wins Over MIT And BC At Brandeis Invitational

Wellesley earned a pair of wins at the Brandeis Invitational
Wellesley earned a pair of wins at the Brandeis Invitational

WALTHAM, Mass. - Wellesley College earned a pair of wins over MIT and Boston College at the Brandeis Invitational on Sunday afternoon.

Only two weeks after earning the first program victory over Division I Boston College, the Blue defeated the Eagles again, while also narrowly losing to Division I Brown, with epee earning a squad victory over the Bears.

Epee squad won a trio of matches, including a 9-0 sweep of Boston College. First year Grace Xu (Toronto, Ontario) paced the squad with 11 wins, while senior Kimberley Kimura (Los Angeles, Calif.) added eight wins.

Foil earned a 9-0 win over MIT on Sunday. Sophomore Ella Boodell (Edgemont, N.Y.) and first year Gina Huang (Taipei, Taiwan) both had six wins for the Blue while senior Sejal Saxena (Chappaqua, N.Y.) earned a 3-0 shutout against MIT.

Sabre was lead by first year Sharon Huang (Toronto, Ontario), who reached double-digit victories for the fourth straight event with 10 wins. 

Brown 15, Wellesley 12

Epee earned a 6-3 win over Brown with Xu winning all three matches, Kimura winning two, and first year Michelle Pan (Arlington, Mass.) adding a win. Sophomore Makana Burch (Portland, Ore.) took two out of three matches for sabre, with S. Huang and sophomore Mia Chao (Washington, D.C.) each winning one. G. Huang won a pair of matches for foil.

Cornell 21, Wellesley 6

Epee earned three wins over Cornell with Xu, Kimura, and sophomore Elena Vona (Millstone, N.J.) all winning one. S. Huang scored two wins for sabre and Saxena won the lone match for foil.

Wellesley 17, MIT 10

Foil shutout the Engineers with G. Huang, Boodell, and Saxena all earning a trio of wins. Epee narrowly won 5-4 with two wins from Xu and Kimura, and Vona winning one. S. Huang earned a clean 3-0 sweep for sabre.

Yale 21, Wellesley 6

Xu won two of three and Pan won one as epee fell 6-3 to the Bulldogs. The remaining wins for the Blue came from S. Huang with two in sabre, and Boodell winning one for foil.

Wellesley 15, Boston College 12

Epee swept the Eagles 9-0. Kimura, Xu, Vona, and Pan all went undefeated. Boodell went 2-1 in foil, with G. Huang and senior Alexia Gilioli (New York, N.Y.) each grabbing a win. S. Huang won two matches for sabre.

The Blue return to competition on January 15 at the Tufts Invitational in Medford, Mass.