Wellesley College Athletics - Faculty/Staff Directory

Mailing Address:
Keohane Sports Center 
106 Central Street 
Wellesley, MA 02481

Switchboard: 781-283-1000 or 781-283-4000
Fax: 781-283-3641
Athletic Training Fax: 781-283-3629

Physical Education, Recreation & Athletics Administration

Name Title Phone E-Mail
Bridget Belgiovine Director of Athletics; Chair of the PERA Department
781-283-2001 bbelgiov@wellesley.edu
Lauren Haynie Senior Associate Director of Athletics
781-283-2017 lhaynie@wellesley.edu
Martha Dietrick Associate Director for Finance & Personnel
781-283-2023 mdietrick@wellesley.edu
Marni Friedman Associate Director for Facilities & Operations
781-283-2002 mfriedm8@wellesley.edu
Connie Bauman Associate Director of Wellness/Sports Medicine; Independent Study Coordinator
781-283-2015 cbauman@wellesley.edu
Monica Verity Director of Recreation; PERA Assistant Professor of the Practice
781-283-2008 mverity@wellesley.edu
Elaine Harvey Assistant Director for Development & Communications
781-283-2016 eharvey3@wellesley.edu
Miles Roberts Director of Sports Information
781-283-2003 mrober11@wellesley.edu
Kathy Hagerstrom Assistant Director of Operations & Equipment
781-283-2019 khagerst@wellesley.edu
Tom Wilson Physical Education Registrar; Assistant Director for Facility Scheduling
781-283-2004 twilson1@wellesley.edu
Tina Furdon Assistant to the Chair/Special Events Coordinator
781-283-2027 tfurdon@wellesley.edu
Nolan Flynn Faculty Athletics Representative
781-283-3097 nflynn@wellesley.edu
Joy Renjilian-Burgy Faculty Athletics Representative
781-283-2400 jrenjili@wellesley.edu

Sports Medicine

Name Title Phone E-Mail
Niki Rybko Director of Sports Medicine & Wellbeing
781-283-2388 nrybko@wellesley.edu
Jenae Van Orden Assistant Athletic Trainer
781-283-2388 jvanorde@wellesley.edu
Tim Snyder Assistant Athletic Trainer
781-283-2388 tsnyder@wellesley.edu

Sports Performance

Name Title Phone E-Mail
Rebecca Kimball Butler Director of Sports Performance & Fitness
781-283-2224 rkimbal2@wellesley.edu
Megan LaBella Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach
781-283-2169 mlabella@wellesley.edu
Tim Snyder Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach
781-283-2388 tsnyder@wellesley.edu
Shelby Turcotte Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach
781-283-2011 sturcott@wellesley.edu


Name Title Phone E-Mail
Jennifer Kroll Head Basketball Coach; PERA Associate Professor of the Practice
781-283-2013 jkroll@wellesley.edu
Kaitlin Lewis Assistant Basketball Coach/Athletics Communications Assistant


Name Title Phone E-Mail
Tessa Spillane Head Crew Coach; PERA Associate Professor of the Practice
781-283-2007 tspillan@wellesley.edu
Seth Hussey Novice Crew Coach; Recreation Coordinator
781-283-2009 shussey@wellesley.edu
Jack Daigle Equipment Specialist
781-283-2024 jdaigle@wellesley.edu

Cross Country

Name Title Phone E-Mail
Phil Jennings Head Cross Country Coach; PERA Assistant Professor of the Practice
781-283-3105 pjenning@wellesley.edu
Megan LaBella Assistant Cross Country Coach
781-283-2169 mlabella@wellesley.edu
Marc Boutin Assistant Cross Country Coach
781-283-3303 mboutin@wellesley.edu


Name Title Phone E-Mail
Ariana Klinkov Head Fencing Coach; Physical Education Instructor
978-857-0966 aklinkov@wellesley.edu
Bojan Jovanovic Assistant Fencing Coach
Rob Charlton Assistant Fencing Coach

Field Hockey

Name Title Phone E-Mail
Julia King Head Field Hockey Coach; PERA Assistant Professor of the Practice
781-283-2294 jking@wellesley.edu
Meghan Peterson '15 Assistant Field Hockey Coach
781-283-2798 mpeterso@wellesley.edu
Emily Hewitt '09 Field Hockey Goalkeeper Coach


Name Title Phone E-Mail
Sherry Makerney Head Golf Coach; PERA Associate Professor of the Practice
781-283-2005 smakerne@wellesley.edu
Mindy Mangels Assistant Golf Coach


Name Title Phone E-Mail
Lauren Schoenberger Head Lacrosse Coach, PERA Assistant Professor of the Practice
781-283-2011 lschoenb@wellesley.edu
Shelby Turcotte Assistant Lacrosse Coach
781-283-2011 sturcott@wellesley.edu


Name Title Phone E-Mail
Keri O'Meara Head Softball Coach; PERA Associate Professor of the Practice
781-283-2126 komeara@wellesley.edu
Kara Wong '08 Assistant Softball Coach
Ashley Besse Softball Pitching Coach


Name Title Phone E-Mail
Melissa Price, Ph.D. Head Soccer Coach; PERA Assistant Professor of the Practice
781-283-2012 mprice5@wellesley.edu
Tanya Roberts Assistant Soccer Coach

Swimming & Diving

Name Title Phone E-Mail
Bonnie Dix Head Swimming Coach; PERA Associate Professor of the Practice
781-283-2021 bdix@wellesley.edu
Emily Altier Assistant Swimming Coach
781-283-2314 ealtier@wellesley.edu
Jack Lewis Diving Coach
781-283-2314 jlewis9@wellesley.edu


Name Title Phone E-Mail
Brian Kuscher Head Tennis Coach; PERA Associate Professor of the Practice
781-283-2014 bkuscher@wellesley.edu
Simona Horsikyan Assistant Tennis Coach

Track & Field

Name Title Phone E-Mail
Phil Jennings Head Track & Field Coach; PERA Assistant Professor of the Practice
781-283-3105 pjenning@wellesley.edu
Megan LaBella Assistant Track & Field Coach (Jumps/Sprints)
781-283-2169 mlabella@wellesley.edu
Katie Adams Assistant Track & Field Coach (Throws)
603-475-1707 (cell) kadams4@wellesley.edu
Marc Boutin Assistant Track & Field Coach (Distance)
781-283-3303 mboutin@wellesley.edu


Name Title Phone E-Mail
Dorothy Webb Head Volleyball Coach; PERA Professor of the Practice
781-283-2010 dwebb1@wellesley.edu
Tom Wilson Assistant Volleyball Coach
781-283-2004 twilson1@wellesley.edu