Wellesley College Athletics Hall of Fame

Sport Inducted
Katie Antypas '99 full bio Katie Antypas '99 Sport: Volleyball Inducted: 2018
Marret Arfsten '03 full bio Marret Arfsten '03 Sport: Field Hockey Inducted: 2018
Sarah Hilgenberg '00 full bio Sarah Hilgenberg '00 Sport: Soccer Inducted: 2018
Elizabeth T. Jordan '59 full bio Elizabeth T. Jordan '59 Sport: Swimming Inducted: 2018
Jennifer Kegel '88 full bio Jennifer Kegel '88 Sport: Cross Country Inducted: 2018
Louise O'Neal full bio Louise O'Neal Sport: Administrator Inducted: 2018
Amy Ayres Parratto '83 full bio Amy Ayres Parratto '83 Sport: Diving Inducted: 2018
Ann S. Batchelder full bio Ann S. Batchelder Sport: Coach, Contributor Inducted: 2016
Barbara Morry Fraumeni '72 full bio Barbara Morry Fraumeni '72 Sport: Crew Inducted: 2016
Jessica Gosnell '90 full bio Jessica Gosnell '90 Sport: Field Hockey, Lacrosse Inducted: 2016
Nadine Netter Levy '66 full bio Nadine Netter Levy '66 Sport: Tennis Inducted: 2016
Paula Andres O’Brien '90 full bio Paula Andres O’Brien '90 Sport: Basketball, Cross Country, Lacrosse Inducted: 2014
Heidi Chang '96 full bio Heidi Chang '96 Sport: Fencing Inducted: 2014
Karyn Cooper '92 full bio Karyn Cooper '92 Sport: Tennis Inducted: 2014
Barbara Barnes Hauptfuhrer '49 full bio Barbara Barnes Hauptfuhrer '49 Sport: Woman of Inspiration Inducted: 2014
Evelyn Louise Boldrick Howard full bio Evelyn Louise Boldrick Howard Sport: Badminton Inducted: 2014
Nanneral O. Keohane '61 full bio Nanneral O. Keohane '61 Sport: Woman of Inspiration Inducted: 2014
Deborah Twichell McDermott '90 full bio Deborah Twichell McDermott '90 Sport: Swimming Inducted: 2014
Barbara Bruning McGhie '54 full bio Barbara Bruning McGhie '54 Sport: Golf Inducted: 2014
Elizabeth Murphy '86 full bio Elizabeth Murphy '86 Sport: Basketball, Lacrosse, Soccer, Tennis Inducted: 2014
Liza Janssen Petra '94 full bio Liza Janssen Petra '94 Sport: Basketball, Soccer Inducted: 2014
Katherine Curtis Rigler '61 full bio Katherine Curtis Rigler '61 Sport: Woman of Inspiration Inducted: 2014
Allison Schnitzer '00 full bio Allison Schnitzer '00 Sport: Volleyball Inducted: 2014
Linda K. Vaughan full bio Linda K. Vaughan Sport: Woman of Inspiration Inducted: 2014
Alix Wandesforde- Smith '98 full bio Alix Wandesforde- Smith '98 Sport: Basketball, Field Hockey Inducted: 2014